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Jon's career as a published writer spans 12 Years. His E-books are available through Amazon for the Kindle or the FREE Kindle App, Barnes and Noble for the Nook, and iTunes for any Apple device through the iBook app. All the titles listed on this page are meant for Mature Readers. Thank you for your support.

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Sugar Daddy

In an every girl for herself world, Simone White looks out for number one. But is the price of success too high?


Simone White has a problem -- her money is about to run out, and oh yes, she doesn't start her new job for an entire three weeks. But Simone also has a room mate named Jacque, who suggests that Simone use her beauty to get a rich boyfriend. Simone has to decide between her pride and her need for money.


Will Marcus is a freelance writer who just hit the jackpot, thanks to a deal he made with a movie studio to adapt his book into a screenplay. His agent persuades him to go out and celebrate. After all, a payday this huge doesn't happen every day.


Featuring some of his best dialogue ever and his most explicit writing yet, this interracial romp from veteran writer Jon Bradbury will keep you turning the pages.

Cover Art by Angela Waters

The Professor

Jeff Humphries could use a friend. He's about to get so much more.


Jeff Humphries, known as The Professor at his office, is the go-to guy if you want state of the art digital technology. He's worked with a list of clients that would make most people jealous. But he's long since grown tired of having to constantly travel. He has no life and no real reason to keep working at the lab.


Danielle Evans is a best selling singer, with a long list of hits behind her. But her personal life is a lie. She's been nurturing a fierce burning desire for white men. She knows she must quench that burning fire soon, or it will consume her. And so she hatches a plan to bring Jeff into her fold.


But while sharing a night of passion in the pool one hot summer night, the man without friends and the woman with a secret will get something sorely missing in their lives.

Cover Art by Angela Waters


Last To Know

Seven months after the events in The Professor, Danielle Evans is inviting Jeff Humphries back to Los Angeles, to celebrate the release of her new album. Both have their own expectations of how the week will go. But other events, and a lie of omission, will prove to both of them that life can never be planned.

Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

All I Wanted

Jon Bradbury returns with the long-awaited sequel to Sugar Daddy!


Simone gets some bad news at work -- she's lost her job. The only other person who can lift her out of her depression is a quick phone call away.


Will Marcus only wants one thing -- a woman named Simone. But he also knows she has a fiery, independent streak in her that can never be tamed. Or can it?

Cover Art by Carmen Waters

We'll Always Have Paris

Sometimes  a girl needs a doctor to fix her broken heart.

Robin Parker doesn't want to risk getting her heart broken again, so she takes an offer from the Air Force and doesn't look back -- until she's sent on a work trip to Paris.

Noah Meyers just wants to stick to routine, and he has found that as an Air Force doctor -- until his best buddy uses his connections to change that routine.

What will happen when these two meet in Paris?

Cover Art by Taria Reed

Command Appearance

Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

After a chance meeting with a stranger in Paris, Robin is pretty sure she has found the one. But to think with her heart again scares her. Can her love survive time away, long distance and tough choices?

Cover Art by Taria Reed.

Christmas Fantasy

Be careful what you ask for.

Misty Jordan is happily married to her husband of 20 years, or so she tells her friends. But secretly, she reads the novels of Joshua Walker and dreams of meeting him.

Joshua Walker is unhappy with his marriage to Kathy. She's becoming more and more distant every day. So he pours himself into his writing, especially after his agent Raquel Strawberry gets him a meeting with Misty Jordan.

What will happen when these two meet?

Cover Art by Syneca Featherstone

Holding Out

Sometimes you do get just what you want.

Last Christmas, Misty Jordan gave Joshua Walker her heart. But now she must pretend as if there is nothing between them, even though there is everything. Love. Desire. Chemistry. And a teenager who needs a mother. What will Misty do to hurry her divorce along? She can't hold out forever!

Joshua Walker is feeling bitter after finding out Kathy was living another life, as if she didn't already have one with him and Krissi. But will Josh let go, once he finds there is a better way?

Cover by Taria Reed

Cover Girl

Love always arrives when we least expect it.


Cherie Stephens is happy with her life just the way it is, being a single mom to her daughter Jasmine, and able to pay her bills all on her own. But all that is about to change, when a friend named Simone Marcus, newly married, wants to introduce her to powerful people. Can Cherie keep it on her own terms?


Lance Peterson is afraid to date again, afraid to fall in love, and afraid to get hurt again after his wife is killed in a tragic auto accident. But Lance's friends are about to change his program. They don't like how he stubbornly refuses to get back in the game. So they take a play out of his own playbook. But will Lance call a flag on the play?

Cover by Taria Reed

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