Making Dreams Come True.

Jon Bradbury is a published novelist and a book editor.

In the year 2020 Jon returned in a big way -- with his very first novel in a new genre, the first in a planned series entitled Ends of Time: Date with Destiny.

In 2019 Jon returned with his first full novella since Cover Girl, entitled Gorgeous Party. He wrapped up 2019 with two new short stories, called Mr. A to Z and the follow up, The Proposal, about employees at a fictional TV station who are best friends.

In 2020 Jon has plans for more new books, and will also continue to be a working book editor.

His story is hardly over, but here is how it all began... 

With the publication of Colorblind by Extasy Books in September of 2004, his career as a published writer began.


Just months after the publication of ColorblindJon was honored by the domestic violence organization V-Day When The Violence Stops, when they invited him to donate a signed copy of his novel to sell at a fund-raising auction. 

In 2006 his follow up books were published, as part of Extasy Books' Tarot Card Series, with Diamonds Are Forever and The Football Player's Wife being released.

It wasn't until 2008 when Midnight Blue came out, with danger, mystery, and seduction. Three new books were released in 2009, including Jon's first book with Shara Azod, Take Good Care, part of her Naughty Nannies Series.

In 2011, Jon returned with The Favor and Worst Kept Secret. The next year, 2012, saw the release of The Professor and the best-selling Sugar Daddy.


In the Summer of 2013, his short fiction Jump was published as one in a collection of short stories about time travel in the anthology Forbidden Future, published by The Masquerade Crew.


Summer of 2014, Jon made a return to Shara Azod Publications, starting with the 5-star rated, two-part series One Good Reason in August, and the holiday themed Misty in December, as well as Last To Know published by Extasy Books that same month.


However, all that came to an end just two years later, in the summer of 2016. Shara Azod announced she would no longer be publishing E-books, citing the difficulty of staying in business for a small publisher. 

But later that same summer, Jon contacted his original publisher, Extasy Books, who was glad to republish his books, renamed Christmas Fantasy and Holding Out. The One Good Reason series was also reborn as We'll Always Have Paris and Command Appearance. He also joined Extasy's editing team.

In March 2017 Cover Girl came out, but Jon's writing career slowed nearly to a stop after the sudden death of his sister. In 2019 he made a comeback with Gorgeous Party, and will be coming out with a completely new novella in early or mid 2020.

Jon has received praise for his ability to write from the Female point of view and his strong writing voice, including his ability to craft believable characters, convincing dialogue and situations people can relate to.

Jon Bradbury holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication with a minor in Journalism. He is single and resides in Johnstown, PA. Please visit the Contact page for further info on how you can Contact Jon. He has been published with Extasy Books since 2004.

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